SeoJin System's Aluminum Alloy can be supplied as Ingot and Liquid shapes per customer's request.

  • KS JIS AA기호
    Specification Diecasting Specification Diecasting
    ALDC1.1 ALDC 1 AD1.1 ADC 1 A413.1
    ALDC1.2 AD1.2 A413.2
    ALDC3.1 ALDC 3 AD3.1 ADC3 A360.1
    ALDC3.2 AD3.2 A360.2
    ALDC5.1 ALDC 5 AD5.1 ADC 5 518.1
    ALDC5.2 AD5.1 518.2
    ALDC6.1 ALDC 6 AD6.1 ADC 6 -
    ALDC6.2 AD6.2 515.2
    ALDC10.1 ALDC 10 AD10.1 ADC 10 D380.1
    ALDC10.2 AD10.2 A380.2
    ALDC10Z.1 ALDC 10Z AD10Z.1 ADC 10Z C380.1
    ALDC12.1 ALDC 12 AD12.1 ADC 12 -
    ALDC12.2 AD12.2 383.2
    ALDC12Z.1 ALDC 12Z AD12Z.1 ADC 12Z A383.1
    ALDC14.1 ALDC 14 AD14.1 ADC 14 B390.1
    ALDC14.2 AD14.2 -
    AI Si9 AD AI Si9
    AI Si12(Fe) AD AI Si12(Fe)
    AI Si10Mg(Fe) AD AI Si10Mg(Fe)
    AI Si8Cu3 AD AI Si8Cu3
    AI Si9Cu3(Fe) AD AI Si9Cu3(Fe)
    AI Si9Cu3(Fe)(Zn) AD AI Si9Cu3(Fe)(Zn)
    AI Si11Cu2(Fe)
    AI Si11Cu3(Fe)
    AI Si12Cu1(Fe)
    AI Si17Cu4Mg
    AI Mg9